The mission of the Istituto Motori

Since its foundation in 1940, the Institute for Research on Engines of National Research Council of Italy has carried out basic research and support for technological development in the areas of energy conversion and environmental protection. The main field of interest is that of thermal engines, in their use for land, naval and aeronautical propulsion, as well as in stationary generation plants.

The mission of the Institute for Research on Engines  is twofold, as it is oriented on the one hand to the continuous deepening of the knowledge of the thermo-fluid dynamic and chemical phenomenologies that determine the functioning of the energy systems, on the other hand aimed at development and innovation. The latter constitutes a recurring objective, which takes concrete form both through the development of alternative investigation methods to conventional ones, and as a contribution to the development of solutions for technological treatment for industries in the sector.

Technological innovation activities are mainly carried out through participation in research projects of national and international interest, with the involvement of small, medium or large industrial companies, and other research organizations, or in the context of consultancy carried out on specific topics, aimed at increasing the TRL (Technology Readiness Level) of products. National or international patentability has been granted to some of the technical innovations gained from the collaboration with industries.

Another task of the Institute for Research on Engines is the training of high-level pre- and post-graduate professionalism, which takes place through the direct involvement of research staff in supervising the activities of theses, scholarship holders and PhD students from various Italian and foreign universities.

The dissemination of the results of the activities carried out takes place through the preparation of reports, the publication of scientific works in specialized journals, the organization of conferences, study days and seminars.