Attractive power

THE IM CAPABILITY to cover with well recognized competences and with upgraded facilities, from transport to energetic field through valuable innovation and effective oriented research, is a strong distinctiveness. IM excellence has been built through synergy and effective interdisciplinary among research groups as well as through a constant and concrete sharing of expertise with academic and industrial world. More than 30 cooperative scientific agreements have been signed with many foreign Universities.

JOINT VENTURES WITH INDUSTRIES have provided the opportunity to develop original hardware, prototypes and updated instruments essential for advanced research.

REGARDING THE FACILITIES, IM is one of the largest government research Institutes in Italy. The 22 laboratories are organised in test cells for propulsion and energy conversion systems, distributed on an area greater than 4000 m2. All the labs are at the state of the art of the technology and under continuous upgrading. Cells for dynamic tests of engines fuelled with gaseous and liquid fuels up to 320 kW, cells for energy conversion up to 50 kW and for dynamic tests on electrical propulsion, fuel cells systems up to 100 kW and 4-2 wheel vehicle test benches are worth of mention.

ADVANCED EXPERIMENTAL AND NUMERICAL methodologies have been intensively applied with outstanding results on complex systems such as research and optical engines designed in IM. High-level competence on thermo-fluid-dynamics, combustion, control, engine-vehicle interaction are internationally recognised as excellence in the context of research networks to which IM participates (Int. Energy Agency, Engine Combustion Network, COST Action). An interesting and original approach for evaluating environmental impact has been performed in real driving cycles by using very accurately instrumented vehicles. Study and prototyping of systems for the production, conversion and accumulation of energy and a wider use of renewable sources as well as electrical, hybrid and electro-chemical powertrains represent novel and flagship activities for a medium-long term achieving of sustainable transports

DISTINCTION OF IM RESEARCH ACTIVITIES is confirmed by the wide and high-level scientific production (442 publications including 241 journal papers and 25 book chapters, 6 editorial products). IM researchers have been also directly involved in internship, thesis and research stages as tutors in Italian and outboard PhD courses (Valencia-ES, Lund-SW, Nantes-FR Univ., PoliTO, PoliMI, UniNA), master courses. Moreover PhD have been achieved thanks to grants directly funded by IM. IM has also catalysed the interest of several early stage researchers (ESRs) for short and long-term scientific missions in which IM has covered training and costs, including meal and accommodation expenses thanks to the internal guest-house (9 rooms in 300 m2). Intense dissemination of results has been realised through seminars and international congresses.

Attractiveness data:

Type Total n° N° from other countries Notes
Research grants 60 6 Research Fellows

Work Contracts

PON fellows

Research stages

PhD students 19 3
Post doc students 2 2
Undergraduate internships/Thesis research stage 180 25
Guest scientist/professor 11 10