Costagliola Maria Antonietta


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  • Pollutant emissions and fuel consumption of two- and four-wheelers vehicles. Chassis-dynamometer testing
  • Emissive behavior of in-use vehicles. On-board testing. Studying of the influence of ambient conditions, traffic, road grade, driving behavior
  • Use of alternative fuels for automotive
  • Performance of exhaust pollutant after-treatment devices of vehicles/IC engines
  • Sampling and chemical analysis of unregulated emissions of organic micro-pollutants (PAHs, benzene, formaldehyde). Measurement of greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O)
  • Particulate characterization (mass, size distribution and chemical composition)
  • Air quality monitoring and in-situ pollutant measurements by using a mobile laboratory


Main Scientific Publications

  • M.A. Costagliola, F. Murena, M.V. Prati (2014). Exhaust emissions of volatile organic compounds of powered two-wheelers: Effect of cold start and vehicle speed. Contribution to greenhouse effect and tropospheric ozone formation. Science of the total environment, 468–469 (2014) 1043–1049
  • F.De Nicola, F. Murena, M.A. Costagliola, A. Alfani, D. Baldantoni, M.V. Prati, L. Sessa, V. Spagnuolo, S. Giordano (2013). A multi-approach monitoring of particulate matter, metals and PAHs in an urban street canyon. Environmental science and pollution research, 20 (7), 2013, 4969-4979
  • M.A. Costagliola, L. De Simio, S. Iannaccone, M.V. Prati (2013). Combustion efficiency and engine out emissions of a S.I. engine fueled with alcohol/gasoline blends. Applied Energy 111 (2013) 1162–1171
  • G. Meccariello, L. Della Ragione, M.V. Prati, M.V. Costagliola, V. Saccoccia (2013). Real time emissive behaviour of a bi-fuel euro 4 SI car in Naples urban area. SAE International Journal of Fuels and Lubricants (Online), ISSN: 1946-3960
  • M. Seggiani, M.V. Prati, M.A. Costagliola, M. Puccini, S. Vitolo (2012). Bioethanol–gasoline fuel blends: Exhaust emissions and morphological characterization of particulate from a moped engine. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 62(8):888–897, 2012
  • G. Meccariello, L. Della Ragione, M.A. Costagliola, M.V. Prati (2012). Evaluation of emission factors for new technology S.I. Euro 4 Cars Journal of Computing and Information Technology – CIT 20(3), 217-224
  • P. Minutolo, L.A. Sgro, M.A. Costagliola, M.V. Prati, M. Sirignano, A. D’Anna (2010) Ultrafine Particle Emission from Combustion Devices Burning Natural Gas, Chemical Engineering Transactions 22, 239-244
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