High performance dynamic test bed

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High performance dynamic test bed

In this laboratory study and optimization activities on reciprocating internal combustion engines, in steady and transient operation, are possible thanks to the following facilities:

  • AVL AC transient dyno (12000 rpm, 525 Nm, 250 kW), with AVL Emcon 400 digital controller;

  • AVL Puma Open/ ISAC 400 software for simulation of driving cycles, including driver behavior;
  • 8 channel AVL Indimodul unit with Concerto sw for fast data acquisition and processing;
  • fast response analyzers (Cambustion HFR500, CLD 500, NDIR500 and DMS500) for exhaust THC, NO, CO/CO2 and PM measurement with millisecond response time;

  • Horiba Dynas3 145 LI transient dyno (10000 rpm, 310 Nm , 145 kW), with Horiba SPARC digital controller;

  • in-house implemented data slow/fast data acquisition systems based on National Instruments HW and SW.