Electronic Control

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Electronic Control

Engine Technology: Advanced Components

The electronic control has become a fundamental and essential element for the management of  different systems installed on board of vehicles, ranging from those controlling the combustion process, those regulating the energy flows in hybrid propulsion to those assisting and improving vehicle dynamic behaviour.The research activities carried out in this sector at Istituto Motori, regarding the use of advanced engine components, concern:

  • the control of Variable Valve Actuation systems;
  • the setting up of model-based controls for throttle “drive-by-wire” actuation in spark ignition engines;
  • the set up of closed loop model-based controls of common rail pressure in GDI injection systems for Air to Fuel Ratio control applications;
  • the employment of the closed loop combustion control in diesel engine by using in-cylinder pressure sensor, enabling new possibilities in cycle-to-cycle and cylinder-to-cylinder diesel combustion control.cylinder-to-cylinder diesel combustion control.